Lifting around the eyes

Injection method of rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

Lifting of the periorbital area (the area around the eyes) is a type of modern cosmetic procedure that allows you to fight the first signs of age-related changes. Delicate skin requires a more careful attitude, because the use of surgical interventions is considered quite dangerous.

Types of lifting in cosmetology and plastic surgery

Lifting of the skin around the eyes is divided into several types.


If traditional minimally invasive methods do not give positive results, in most cases the doctor performs blepharoplasty. This is a surgical method to tighten the skin.

With the most prominent skin problems in the eye area, they turn to surgical blepharoplasty.

To correct changes of mild and moderate severity, injection and hardware exposure methods are used.

Most often, mesotherapy is performed, as well as photorejuvenation, laser lifting and thread tightening.

Thanks to this effect, it is possible to eliminate the effect of the approaching eyelid, smooth out wrinkles and get rid of puffiness. A visible rejuvenating result after blepharoplasty is noted. However, despite its high efficiency, this type of manipulation is a serious cosmetic intervention, so there are many limitations to its implementation.

The eye area is quite delicate. When choosing this or that method of rejuvenation, it is necessary to evaluate all possible risks.

Therefore, it is important to entrust the implementation of these procedures to qualified professionals.

The main contraindications include:

  • diseasesblood, including coagulation disorders, decrease in hemoglobin level;
  • tends to formkeloidsand scars;
  • pathologyoncologicalcharacter;
  • diseaseeyeoccurs in a chronic form;
  • kidney and liverfailure, diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The operation is performed under anesthesia in a hospital setting. At the end of the operation, the patient remains under the supervision of doctors for another three days. The recovery period is up to several months, which depends on the condition of the skin and the individual characteristics of the client's body.

Blepharoplasty can be both lower and upper eyelid. In the first case, an incision is made a few millimeters indented from the eyelash line along the bottom of the eye. In the second, the skin is cut along the upper eyelid.


A non-surgical eye lift is suitable for preventing premature aging. It is prescribed for such problems:

  • slownessskin;
  • bruisesunder the eyes;
  • ledgelowering of the eyelids and eyebrows at an early stage;
  • appearancenetsfrom small wrinkles.

This technique has the following types.


Often, contour plastic is used to tighten the skin with minimal age-related changes. This is a procedure in which fillers are injected into problem areas, the main active ingredient is hyaluronic acid.

Botulinum toxin is no less popular. Thanks to its effect, spasms of mimic wrinkles are reduced, muscle balance is restored.

Also, specialists perform mesotherapy to lift the skin of the eyes. Hyaluronic acid is the basis of preparations. In addition, the composition contains amino acids, peptides, trace elements and vitamins.


These are cosmetic procedures performed using various equipment. The skin is heated, as a result of which natural regeneration processes begin at the cellular level, blood circulation improves, wrinkles and collagen fibers begin to shrink.

Laser lifting

The laser beam affects the skin of the eyelids, leaving behind microscopic lesions that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

Laser peeling is performed in two ways. This is fractional or radio-optical thermolysis. The method is low traumatic and safe.

Microcurrent therapy

It is carried out when exposed to a pulsed low-frequency current. It is also considered non-traumatic, but it is not effective compared to other similar methods.


It is based on the use of light flux of high intensity.

RF lifting

This is a complex effect based on electromagnetic pulses. It helps restore the production of its own collagen fibers, making the skin more elastic and toned.

One session of RF-lifting around the eyes can be compared to plastic surgery in terms of effectiveness. However, the main advantage of this type of manipulation is that the lifting effect is achieved thanks to skin healing processes.

RF-lifting of the eyes allows you to overcome problems such as the formation of deep wrinkles, obesity, signs of age-related changes.

After such a cosmetic procedure, the skin becomes noticeably smoother, crow's feet, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes disappear. In addition, the influence of the approaching century becomes invisible.

The first results can be seen after only one session. However, to achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to complete a full course, which includes 3-5 procedures.

The main advantages of this technique include safety, high efficiency, elimination of many disadvantages associated with age-related changes.

However, the RF lift procedure has certain limitations, including:

  • Availabilitypacemaker;
  • dermatosisin the area where processing is required;
  • neoplasmsbenign and malignant;
  • diseaseschronicforms in the decompensation stage;
  • periodpregnancybaby and breast milk.

This anti-aging method is truly one of the best ways to tighten the skin around the eyes.

Rope reinforcement

This method of rejuvenation involves the insertion of special threads with notches under the skin, with the help of which a framework is created that prevents sagging of the skin. It is recommended to use a self-absorbing material for sensitive epidermis.

Only a specialist can tell which method to choose for eye lift. At the same time, it should take into account the condition of the dermis, the severity of the problem and the age of the patient.